Gasoline Generator

I didn’t know much about generators before I bought one. I made a mistake of making an assumption that 2000 watts generator can handle 2000 watts. I was upset when I learned that in generator world watts advertised on the unit are not running watts but peak watts. And of course you can’t return a generator after you put gasoline in it. In my opinion this kind of marketing leads to confusion and mistakes, costly mistakes. I purchased Champion 2000 watts generator that is only capable of 1600 watts of continues power. I wish there was something on the box or on the generator itself to hint this important information. It didn’t help that the person at the retail location didn’t point it out, and probably didn’t know neither. Buyer be aware. Gasoline generator are rated to peak power unlike converter chargers.

I contacted Champion, but they didn’t care. Read the manual or fine print and the information is there. I also found out this practice of advertising peak power is common in this industry. When starting a compressor driven appliance surge watts are important factor. However I personally have no use for it. I never intended to run my AC with a small inverter generator.

What would it hurt to say 2000 watts peak on the box?

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