Aluminum Brackets for 8020

If you are considering using t-slotted aluminum extrusions in your build you can save some money by making your own brackets. They are not expensive to buy if you only need a few. In my case I will need a lot. Being able to make them also saves time and shipping cost when reordering. This particular bracket is called 15 Series & Ready Tube 2 Hole – Inside Corner Bracket.

Material: 3/16″ Angle Aluminum 1 1/2″ leg
Tools: Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade
Supplier in Canada:

This short video shows basic technique to make accurate cuts safely. I use removable stop block for size consistency and also to eliminate miter saw kickback. It takes a little bit longer but it works.

TIP. Cut your brackets 1.25″ wide. This way they are a little bit narrower than 15 series profiles.

In the next video I drill to holes in the bracket. Simple jig made out of plywood makes this step quick and easy. It takes a few minutes to set it up to make sure the hole is in the middle.

TIP. I made my holes a little bit bigger to give myself a little margin for error. It won’t make the joint weaker but gives a bit of play room when aligning two profiles.

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